Professional English Horn Reeds


Professional 100% hand-made oboe and English horn reeds. Reed making accessories for oboes and English horns. Shop and save on our pro English horn reeds.

Made by former student of Humbert Lucarelli and Alex Klein.
About the reed maker

Professional-level reeds, made in the American style, with blended scrape; V shaped tip (somewhat horizontal, like in the picture), ample heart, thick and strong spine and side rails, and well defined windows which blend in the heart. They are very comfortable, with a stable pitch, outstanding low and high registers, dark sound and great projection. They seem to fit better advanced students and pro players.

When finished, the length of the reeds goes from 56mm so they can produce a “C#” crow at 4.40. For a 4.40 pitch, please use bocals number 2 or 3. I use the "Giacobassi" shape brass staples. The cane's diameter is 12-12.5mm. I only use vintage Gonzalez cane for my reeds. The hardness of these reeds is Medium.

As an oboe and E. horn player, you know how delicate new reeds are. Reeds are very sensitive to moisture, dry weather, change of temperature and altitude, and various other factors that might change your reeds’ characteristics over time and also during shipping. Therefore, this implies that you be open to minor adjustments so the reeds perfectly adjust to your personal playing characteristics.

These reeds are guaranteed for any kinds of structural deficiencies. If you find anything wrong with them within 7 days, you are welcome to return them, and we will be happy to replace them for you, as long as the reeds have not been scraped or modified. We will not take back any reeds that have been scraped or modified in any way.

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