Bb Clarinet-FOF


For Our Friends (FOF) reeds are meant for those clarinetists that need a reed with a darker sound. They are made following an “American” cut. These reeds are thicker in the heart; therefore, they take a bit longer to become stable.
These reeds are made out of our premium quality Arundo Donax cane, on segments of 3.6 mm rectified to 3.18 mm, leaving the scraping in a darker area of the reed, resulting in a darker sound. The cane used on these reeds is seasoned for at least 4 years before its manufacturing. The reed’s vibrating characteristics are completely released due to its deeply carved shoulders, achieving a perfect balance between sharp and deep bass sounds. This scrape is characterized by having a thicker heart section than a classic reed. All Gonzalez reeds are hand selected and 100% ORGANIC: totally free of pesticides and chemical products. 10 REEDS PER BOX.