Oboe Bassoon Reed Cane Hand-Held Micrometer-CHIARUGI MITUTOYO

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Micrometer for finished oboe and bassoon reeds by Chiarugi-Mitutoyo
Dial Type: Continuous Range10mm (1mm)
Accuracy: ±13μm
Graduation: 0.01mm
Repeatability: 5μm
Measuring Force: 1.4N or less
Graduation: ±0-100
Secure adhesion between the bezel and crystal as well as the use of an O-ring prevents water or oil penetration.
The spindle is made of high strength quench hardened stainless steel which resists arduous use.
A carbide contact point is used.
A special alloy is used for the sector gears to provide improved wear resistance. Application of a hard coating on the surface of the crystal makes the gauge highly scratch and chemical resistant.