Tenor Regular Cut-RC


Our Regular Cut reeds have a classic, French style filing. They are made on 4-mm segment planed to 3.5 mm, leaving the scrape in the most vibrant area of the reed; thus producing a very brilliant and projecting sound.
The cane used in the manufacturing of these reeds is seasoned for a minimum of 3 years. The reed's shallow shoulders have a closed half moon shape, which helps maintain a great pitch despite being an extremely flexible and spontaneous reed. RC reeds are chosen by Jazz, Pop, Latin, and Classical musicians alike. How about you?
**Musicians' HEALTH and WELL-BEING are our #1 priority.
The healthier we are, the better we'll feel, and the better we'll play.
Please, stay away from any cane with pesticides and artificial fertilizers (unfortunately, most cane out there). Your health will thank you**