Argendonax English Horn Gouged/Shaped/Folded Cane


Argendonax English Horn Gouged/Shaped/Folded Cane for Sale:

Achieving optimal sound projection on the English horn can be a challenge. If the cane used is too dark, the sound may disappear as soon as it leaves the instrument's bell. On the other hand, if the cane is too bright, the result can be less than desirable. Our vintage cane offers a solution, allowing you to achieve great sound projection while maintaining a beautiful dark tone.

- Shape: Giacobassi
- Thickness in the middle: 0.55-0.60mm
- Gouger: Michel, made in Germany
- Diameter: 12-12.5mm
- Vintage cane from 2010
- 100% organic cane

At Argendonax, the health and well-being of our customers are our top priorities. We believe that the better we feel physically, the better we will perform musically. That's why we only use organic cane, free from pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Taking care of your health by avoiding harmful chemicals in your cane will benefit both you and your music. Thank you for choosing Argendonax for your English horn cane needs.