Bb Clarinet Reeds-FOF-For Our Friends


FOR OUR FRIENDS (FOF) reeds are meant for those clarinetists looking for a reed with a darker sound, made following an “American” cut.
FOF have a thicker heart; therefore, they might take a bit longer to break in.
FOF are made on 3.6-mm thick segments and planed to 3.18 mm. This process leaves the scrape in a darker area of the reed, thus obtaining a darker and richer sound.
FOF’s vibrating characteristics are completely released due to their deeply carved shoulders, achieving a perfect balance between sharp and deep bass sounds.
FOF’s scrape is characterized by having a thicker heart section than a classic reed.
The cane used on these reeds is seasoned for a minimum of 3 years.

**Musicians' HEALTH and WELL-BEING are our #1 priority.
The healthier we are, the better we'll feel, and the better we'll play.
Please, stay away from any cane with pesticides and artificial fertilizers (unfortunately, most cane out there).
Your health will thank you!