Oboe Bassoon Small Cutting Blocks-Piranha


Introducing our hand-made Oboe and Bassoon Small Cutting Blocks, featuring a unique Piranha figure design. These cutting blocks are meticulously crafted in California, USA, using high-quality black ebony wood.

Here are the key features of our cutting blocks:

- Type of wood: Black ebony, known for its durability and rich, dark appearance.
- White ebony piranha inlay, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the design.
- Diameter: 28mm (1.10"), providing a suitable size for precise cutting and shaping of reeds.
- Thickness: 16mm (0.62"), ensuring a sturdy and comfortable grip during use.

To enhance the functionality of the cutting blocks, we have incorporated a taper on the top, allowing for more accurate tip clipping of your reeds. Additionally, the bottom of the blocks is lined with anti-slip real suede, ensuring stability and preventing any unwanted movement during the cutting process.

Please note that the images provided may slightly differ from the actual product due to the natural variations in wood grain, making each cutting block truly unique.

Invest in our Oboe and Bassoon Small Cutting Blocks with the Piranha figure design today and experience the perfect combination of functionality, craftsmanship, and style for your reed-making needs.