Professional Oboe and English horn Reed Cleaner Swab


Introducing our Professional Oboe and English Horn Reed Cleaner Swab

As woodwind players, our reeds are essential to our craft. Whether we use them frequently or sparingly, we all rely on our reeds. But have you considered the importance of cleaning and maintaining their health?

It's no exaggeration: over time, reeds can lose their vibrancy and clarity due to particle buildup. Our innovative reed swab is designed to prevent unwanted particles from accumulating on the inner walls of the reed, promoting cleanliness, improved vibration, and longevity.

Simply swab the reed at the end of each playing session, and you'll notice a significant difference in performance. Your reeds will thank you for the care and attention.

Handcrafted with sterilized feathers, this swab measures 5 inches long by 3 inches wide (dimensions may vary slightly between cleaners). An essential tool for all reed cases, this product is proudly made in California Republic.

Elevate your reed maintenance routine with the Professional Oboe and English Horn Reed Cleaner Swab.