Argendonax Bassoon Reed Cleaner Swab


Introducing the Argendonax Bassoon Reed Cleaner Swab - a must-have accessory for all bassoon players. Our reeds are essential to our music, and it is crucial to keep them clean and healthy for optimal performance.

It is a common issue for reeds to lose their vibrancy and sound quality due to particle buildup over time. Our innovative reed swab is designed to prevent this buildup, ensuring that your reeds stay clean, vibrate better, and have a longer lifespan.

Handmade with sterilized feathers, our swab is 5 inches long and 3 inches wide, although slight variations may occur from cleaner to cleaner. This essential tool fits perfectly in all reed cases, making it convenient for musicians on the go.

Made in California, our Argendonax Bassoon Reed Cleaner Swab is a high-quality product that will help you maintain the health and longevity of your reeds. Simply swab at the end of each playing session, and your reeds will thank you for it.